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TOKIMEKI PONYTAIL is a mail order house that deal with costume, school costume,
fetish wear,under wear(new/used)and DVD.

We have three shops in Japan and have been operating for long years, so we are proud of our correspondence with security, certainty, and quick.
This web site is basically for the Japanese living in abroad but we will try our best to correspond to the customers all over the world.

However as we are not exporting company, there are some countries and areas that we can't deal with.
We would like to exchange detailed e-mails and correspond your request as much as possible.
Please send an e-mail in Japanese or English.


About the currency

Basically we take only yen.
Please refer today's exchange rate here.

About the customs
  We ship abiding Japanese law.
However the procedure, law and customs differ from each country, so please order after understanding your countries’ law, customs and procedure.
Also please confirm any questions to applicable agency of your country.
We don’t assume any troubles of customs that might happen.
We don’t take any responsibility once the package is shipped outside of Japan.
We don’t take, for example, any of the following responsibility;
Any loss during transportation (UPS), breakage, delay, any troubles and confiscation at customs or extra tax.
We can’t refund or send the replacements for these cases.
Please understand its risk and order.

We can’t sell our adult items to the customers under 20 years old.

DVD is formatted with NTSC.It is the system same as U.S.,but different from Europe. Most of DVD are "Region-code FREE" and some the other DVD are "Region-code 2". Since please apply the DVD-PLAYER which can run "Region-code 2"DVD.

About the shipment

We use UPS for shipment.
Postage and service charge will be calculated based on UPS Japan.
We will send you only contents to save transportation cost.
For example for DVD, we will remove the case and send only disks.
For the other items, we take the contents out and put it into thick plastic bag ( you can’t see through it) and seal off with heat.

Method of payment
  However we only accept the international money order(USPS) for the payment.
We don’t accept credit card for the time being.
Concerning the international money order, you can make Japanese yen money order at the post office.
When you send it by post, your payment should be completed.
Although it defers from each country, for example you are charged $4.00 for service charge in U.S.

When we receive your money order, we will proceed shipping immediately.
You usually take the package within 7 to 10 days after we confirmed your payment.

How to order
  We are sorry but our shopping cart is only in Japanese.

You could order by e-mail or fax.


Tel/Fax :+81


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